Can you provide me with more than just tents?
Absolutely, we can provide you with tables, chairs, linens, dance floors, staging, lighting, interior decorations, heating, and bamboo structures for your party, wedding or special event.

How do I make a reservation?
Visit our contact us page and submit your information on the free estimate form. Please provide us with your email, the event location, and the number of guests attending. We will provide you an estimate based on this and if it works for you budget we will proceed with an invoice and a deposit.

How should I arrange everything I’ve rented under the tent?
Easy, we will provide you an initial floor plan to help you get started. This will give you an idea of where the rented items (tables, chairs, staging, dance floor, etc) can go within the tent. The first floor plan is free, revisions will cost a small fee.

How soon do I need to make a reservation?
In most cases the sooner the better, especially if it is a weekend or holiday weekend. If you are planning a large event it is better to make reservations as soon as possible to make sure the items are available. Most of our customers make reservations from six months to a year in advance. We understand all too well that last minute events happen. Don’t worry. Just give us a call, we will help you in any way we can.

When is payment due and how can I pay?
A 30% deposit is due asap in order to reserve the rented items. 30% of each deposit paid is non refundable. Full payment is due one week before the event date. We accept cash, checks, and CC (Visa, Mastercard, American Express). If you plan to pay via check Big Island Tents may require a credit card to keep on file.  We currently use Square and if you choose CC payment, we will send a link via email.

Please send checks to (payable to Big Island Tents):
Big Island Tents
P.O Box 1725
Kamuela, HI 96743

Can I make changes to my reservation?
Yes, no problem. We ask that you give us one week prior notice to the date of set up for any changes. All modifications will be subject to available inventory at the time. Any changes should be sent to Big Island Tents via email to ensure proper modifications are made. Changes will be placed on the updated invoice and sent back to the customer. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that they review the invoice to ensure changes are made.

How do I prepare the site for the tent?
Please ensure the location is completely clear of any obstructions on the ground as well as in the air (tree branches, etc). The set up area for the tent needs to be larger than the tented area itself, for example, a 20×30 requires at least 25ft x 35ft for set up and strike. If there is a gate or access point it is your responsibility to have it open when we arrive for set up and strike. All other vendors should be scheduled to come in after the tent is set up. The lawn should be mowed 1-2 days prior to set up date, NOT the day of the set up. Water lines and underground utilities should be marked and inspected before we arrive. On strike date only Big Island Tents rental equipment should be under the tent. The customer needs to be on site when we to spot the tent location, if not, you will need to mark the tent location if someone is not available the day of set up.

What if I want to decorate the tent and rental items myself?
Yes you may decorate however we require that no duct tape or adhesives of any kind or staples be put on our tents or rental equipment. All equipment will be inspected upon take down and any damage to the tent or rented items will be assessed and the customer will be charged a fee based on severity of damage. Any open flame needs to be 100ft from the tent (tiki torches, barbecue grills, etc).

Do you set up and break down the tables and chairs?
Yes we provide this service. Big Island Tents must be notified prior to set up date and take down date if this service is requested. If you do not choose this service, we will stack the tables and chairs under the tent on set up day. On take down day ONLY Big Island Tents rental equipment should be under the tent. All trash and other items should be removed prior to our arrival for take down. The customer is responsible for neatly stacking the tables and chairs in the manner they were left for the customer, by Big Island Tents. Additional fee may apply if rented items are not under the tent or if any of the equipment is damaged or excessively dirty.

What if I want to use a public park or area for my event?
You are responsible for obtaining any permits required for an event on public property. The client must provide supervision of the equipment (including overnight supervision) for the entire time of the rental. You are responsible for all the equipment from set up time to take down time.

Do I need to do anything special if my event is at a vacation rental?
Just let us know where the event will be held, we work with many vacation rentals all over the island. If we have not worked at the property we will require the owners information and consent to set up on premises.